For Founders on a Mission

Greenr Sustainability Accelerator, a TechnoServe initiative, is a one-of-a-kind accelerator, solely nurturing high growth businesses disrupting the Environment Action space. We help identify and execute strategies needed to build resilient revenue models and world-class enterprises alongside the most promising Environment Action Entrepreneurs. Our aim is to restore the environment and uplift communities around the world through your scale-bound startups.

Our programs are 12 and 21 months long, ensuring our tailored growth advice is nurtured and tested, exponentially increasing green consumption.

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What sets us apart

Strategic Advisors

Our team of highly experienced strategic advisors work with you full time, like an extended cofounding team, to execute key needle movers that accelerate your business growth.

0% Equity Dilution

We don’t take an equity position in your startup as we are a not for profit economic development organization.

INR 0 Fees

We do not charge hefty fees for program participation. If you make it through our rigorous selection process, you are onboard gratis.

How we help

We’re supported by

The IKEA Foundation is a strategic philanthropy that focuses its grant making efforts on tackling the two biggest threats to children’s futures: poverty and climate change. It currently grants more than €200 million per year to help improve family incomes and quality of life while protecting the planet from climate change. Since 2009, the IKEA Foundation has granted more than €1.5 billion to create a better future for children and their families. In 2021 the Board of the IKEA Foundation decided to make an additional €1 billion available over the next five years to accelerate the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Visa Foundation seeks to support inclusive economies where individuals, businesses, and communities can thrive. Through grantmaking and investing, Visa Foundation prioritizes the growth of gender diverse and inclusive small and micro businesses. Visa Foundation’s commitment to investing $140 million into intermediaries and funds globally is primarily focused on emerging markets, with a gender lens across the entire portfolio from SMB borrowers up to venture capital partners. The goal is to increase the number of women who control capital, and the number of women entrepreneurs who can access that capital.

Our Partners

We want you, if your business

Is a unique, revenue-generating solution to mitigate environment degradation or climate change

Holds opportunity for outsized environment impact

Is rooted in the belief that protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility

Is based on science and meets aggressive environment action goals

Sectors include

Waste Management






Renewable Energy





…and many more new frontiers.

Entrepreneur wins

3S Envo Projects
Founded by Dr. Franscin Pinto, is a consultancy that provides solutions to care for Mother Nature. 3S has a range of cost effective, industry specific, internationally approved products in the field of waste management, water management, Green space development, energy solutions & more. 3S envo primarily scaled up their zero waste products line post their participation in a TechnoServe India accelerator, leading to 5x increase in revenue.
Tisser Rural Handicrafts
Founded by Megha Phansalkar, Tisser Rural Handicrafts provides a global platform to homegrown weavers and craftsmen making products using quintessential Indian techniques and handmade processes. Tisser grew in revenue by 2x owing to the scale up strategy built during a TechnoServe India accelerator.