The Engine that Fuels Founders

Our initiative, the Greenr Sustainability Accelerator Program by TechnoServe, supported by the IKEA Foundation and Visa Foundation aims to scale up exceptional green startups by linking them to knowledge, capital and markets.

TechnoServe is a global leader in micro, small, and growing business acceleration, managing a successful portfolio of 47 programs across 30 countries. We work directly with businesses and across whole market systems to make them more sustainable — environmentally, socially, and commercially.

The founders in our portfolio initiate chain reactions, leaving a positive economic, environmental, and social impact on producers, consumers and the ecosystem at large. Through more than 50+ years of technical experience and continuous iteration, we transform passion into revenue and innovators into CEOs.


The TechnoServe Impact


Revenue Growth


MSMEs Accelerated

$137 Mn

Financial Benefits


Women Beneficiaries


Jobs Created

$7.8 Mn

Financial Mobilized

CY 2021 - 22

Why Scale Green Startups Now?

The market potential for green, small and growing businesses in India is super exciting - a $3.46 trillion market opportunity (source: ANDE, Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs)!

We believe that the innate sense of innovation, agility, and passion that startup founders bring to the environment action mission can have a compounding effect. However, scaling up comes with a unique set of challenges, unlike 'conventional' startups, that the Greenr program will address. Creating a Green Revolution with you is the key to solving these challenges that need urgent disruption and intervention.

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The earth is hotter by 1°C from pre-industrial levels, and its repercussions are dire. Heat waves have already impacted the livelihoods and well-being of 123 million people worldwide. Forest wildfires start more quickly and spread more rapidly, depleting our sources of oxygen. Microplastic pollution has migrated up the food chain, becoming a part of our food — you get the drift. Human life hangs in the balance.

As the world slowly but surely moves towards achieving the 2050 Net Zero target, there is a gap of nearly 35 GtCO2 emissions per year. Only 25-30% of this gap can be addressed by existing solutions. We need to innovate rapidly across spheres to manage the remaining 70-75% gap.


Good COP, Bad COP

Since 1995, governments have met year after year to find solutions to Climate Change and Environmental Degradation. Even so, building consensus between countries has been a herculean task. In 2009, at COP-15 in Copenhagen, wealthy countries promised to mobilize $100 Bn by 2020 to support Climate Action in developing countries. It’s taken over a decade for the countries to create a Loss & Damage Fund at COP-27, and it could take even longer to operationalize it effectively.

One would posit that corporations could be more efficient in getting the job done by adopting Carbon Neutrality as a KPI. Yet, only a handful are rethinking their business models from a Climate Action lens. And the critical question still remains unanswered: Can legacy players (read: polluters) change themselves and participate in saving the world?


The Power is Ours

But this isn’t a doomsday prophecy. This is a clarion call to join forces, to create exponential impact and accelerate it. The mantle now falls on us. The world urgently needs green products and services, and you are providing them. With our support, the scale you achieve can speed up environmental restoration and mitigate climate change. While MNCs and governments make elephantine progress, startups committed to environmental action are quickly gaining a share in the market. Venture capitalists across the globe have invested nearly $296 Bn in the sector.

The world needs you - Environment Action Entrepreneurs, now more than ever!

*According to a BCG Report, April 2022